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Aspiration provides a range of HR consulting services. Our consultants have more than 20 years corporate experience across many industry sectors. We provide consulting support for the processes that are driven by our talent management software technology as well as a range of independent HR consulting services. Click on the links below to see more detail or send us a contact request if you wish to discuss your requirements in more detail.
360 Appraisal2021-09-13T08:40:12+00:00

We assist organisations to design an effective 360 review process. We provide a fully functional technology solution to support an organisation wide 360 intervention. This includes employee nomination and manager approval of nominations as well as an analysis by relationship and comparison to the organisation average. We provide organisations with a library of 360 statements that can be assembled for a number of different hierarchal levels and jobs.

Succession planning2021-09-13T08:39:22+00:00

We consult with organisations to implement an effective and credible succession planning process. Utilising the Aspiration Career & Succession module, we assist organisations to implement career discussions and talent reviews. Effective implementation provides the organisation with bench strength reports, the organisational nine-box matrix and a variety of reports detailing succession, potential and employees at risk of leaving the organisation.

Salary and Bonus Calculation2021-09-08T07:09:20+00:00

We advise organisations on the establishment of a fair salary and bonus allocation based on organisational budgets, performance and market related pay. Using technology and the concept of compa-ratio, we assist organisations to optimise their salary increases and bonuses taking into account tenure, performance, market related pay and difficulty of replacement.

Performance Management2021-09-13T08:37:30+00:00

We provide a full consultation service for the implementation of a Performance Management solution. This includes introduction of the process, training on goal setting and the introduction of the Aspiration Performance Appraisal module. We assist organisations to set up their cycle and to implement the necessary change management so that the process is effectively implemented and accepted by managers and employees. Includes an outsourced option to fully manage the process for you.

Accelerated Capability Development2021-09-13T08:38:37+00:00

This is a unique approach to capability development developed by Aspiration Consulting that utilises the Aspiration Skills Tracking. Successfully deployed by companies such as SAB Miller, Engen and Distell, this process focuses on a strategy do drive up capability development and reduce development costs. Using a 6 point strategy, this process brings learning into the workplace, drives line ownership of development and utilises a unique dialogue approach to learning.

Culture and Climate2021-09-08T06:57:10+00:00

We assist organisations to determine obstacles in establishing a shared culture. Our software facilitates the gathering and reporting of data when conducting a climate survey. Based on the data gathered a report is compiled to highlight risk areas and suggest recommendations for improvement. Key culture shaping behaviours (also related to values) are identified and translated into competencies to be coached and developed on the job.

Leadership Development2021-09-13T08:40:58+00:00

We utilise the Aspiration 360 review module to survey adherence to leadership principles and we recommend interventions in partnership with our clients to build an effective professional leadership brand for the organisation. We use a variety of leadership tools to measure the individual leadership styles of key managers in the executive leadership team including, transactional and transformational leadership and the application of situational leadership.

Change Management2021-09-13T08:45:51+00:00

Using a variety of change management models including ADKAR and John Kotter, we provide our clients with tried and tested approaches to organisation changes. Starting with careful analysis of the current status quo, strategies for effective change management and change communication. The change management approach is utilised for the effective implementation of some of our key interventions such as capability development, performance management and succession planning.

HR Function Review2021-09-08T07:38:05+00:00

We have a fully developed HR review tool to review all services delivered by your Human Resources function. Includes focus on the full Talent management and development cycle including recruitment, job descriptions and job evaluation, training and on the job development, performance management, remuneration succession planning and 360 review. Full reporting on key findings and recommendations for improvement.

Job Description Development2021-09-08T07:39:12+00:00

We assist organisations in developing job descriptions aligned to the Patterson job grading system. Our consultants have extensive cross industry experience and we are able to utilise the most effective information gathering techniques to write up accurate and relevant job descriptions. We are also are able to assist with supplementary documentation of information such as roles and responsibilities, competence guides and level based competence descriptors.

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