Aspiration - Simplifying Talent Management Practice

  • Fully integrated and scalable
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Cloud or Intranet deployment
  • Secure and Confidential


Integrated performance management with self/manager reviews covering outputs, behaviour/value adherence and Individual Development Plans.


  • Online Self and Manager Performance reviews
  • Job Performance contract setup with dynamic link to employees
  • Performance Contract Agreement with tracking capability
  • Customisable Performance terminology
  • Appraisal completion dashboards
  • Output and Behavioural performance categories with weighted KPA and KPI's
  • Individual Development Plan capture
  • Balanced scorecard reporting setup and analysis
  • Departmental and Individual Report
  • Manager bias and Normal distribution reporting
  • Archiving of performance review details by cycle
  • Multiple period reporting capability
  • Integration with Salary Review and Succession modules


  • Brings the HR development & management of people to the manager's desk
  • Infrastructure for the development of a high performance culture
  • Confidentiality and immediacy of results
  • Elimination of Bias
  • Adherence to Deadlines
  • Quality assure the performance contracts of all employees
  • Monitor performance contracting and appraisal from a single point
  • Analyse performance by organisation, region, department, sub-department down to employee
  • Analyse performance by balanced scorecard elements
  • Improved appraisal reduces poor pay for performance decisions


Accelerated Capability Development managed and monitored using this module. Drive line ownership for people development and track competence assessment sign off.
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  • On the Job Capability Assessment using profiles
  • Building of competence unit database / profiles
  • Each employee linked to the competencies for the job
  • Tracking of assessment by managers as assessors
  • Current progress and history of progress over several months
  • Organisation wide capability progress tracked and reported
  • Safety / Health / Environmental / Quality tagging of Units / Learning objectives
  • Link Unit to Learning Solutions with online dynamic links
  • Skills versatility Reporting
  • Secure & Password protection & identification for assessor and moderator activities.


  • Brings Capability and People Development to the manager's desk
  • Drives a targeted approach to accelerated development
  • Allows for the measurement of technical and management assessed competence
  • Identifies key group and individual learning needs
  • Focusses on competence rather than Training Attended
  • Core skills for the applicable jobs are addressed
  • Encourages continuous learning and development
  • Linkage available for on line resources

360 Review

Monitor employee adherence to company values and key identified behavioural competence. Employee nominates raters, manager approval option and 360 feedback from manager, subordinate, colleague and customer.
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  • Employee Rater nomination and manager approval
  • Question / profile database pre-populated
  • Multiple Profiles assembled from database of statements
  • Five Types of ratings: Self, Manager, Subordinate, Colleague, Customer.
  • 4 or 5 point rating scale and Not Applicable option
  • Forced or non-forced comments
  • Track and manage nomination and rating process
  • Reminder e-mail generation
  • Approval of raters by managers
  • Pre-designed reporting capability
  • Scores including and excluding self rating
  • Anonymous feedback of comments
  • Group and departmental analysis


  • Individual anonymous feedback from peers, subordinates and customers
  • Articulates internal and external customer perceptions
  • Immediate results and feedback
  • It provides qualitative and quantitative feedback and comparative data on a departmental basis
  • Reinforces the link between the competencies, behaviours and values required for a job and performance.
  • Generates commitment to development
  • Involves people with different perspectives, in different roles and at different levels
  • Promotes an open transparent culture
  • Leads to increased self awareness
  • Identifies top performers

Career and Succession

Capture career discussions and talent reviews. System produces 9-Box matrix, bench strength, equity reports and employee CV & Talent report. Build talent pipeline and manage workforce planning.
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  • Biographical data Capture
  • On-line Career Discussion recording
  • High Potential/High Performance Identification and
  • 9 - Box matrix Reporting across potential, performance propensity to leave and difficulty of replacement
  • Bench Strength/Cover Ratio Report on key critical positions
  • Potential Distribution Report
  • Employment Equity Potential Reporting
  • Training and Career History
  • CV Builder
  • Workforce Planning – Current to Three Years
  • Tracking of career discussion and potential identification processes


  • Talent Identification
  • Critical Skills/Positions identified
  • Retention of top skills
  • Impact of losing key people is reduced
  • New strengths and skill sets identified
  • Employees can be groomed for promotion
  • Employee have a roadmap of their career
  • Reduces skilled turnover
  • Provides high level view of organisational talent
  • Career planning and documentation of critical milestones
  • Integrated reporting ( Performance , Training Record, Development needs Career discussion and Grid Ranking)


Capture courses and dates. Employee request functionality with manager approval. Manage training costs and produce reports for BEE and SETA compliance. Track individual training attended.
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  • Course administration (Dates, suppliers, providers, prospectus and costs)
  • Management of trainers ( assessors / venues )
  • Cost management of training interventions
  • Trainer and Venue management
  • Course planning (Individual and Groups)
  • Online Course register
  • Course attendance records
  • Development plan
  • Employee on-Line Training Requests
  • Line management on-line nomination and approval
  • Group / individual course approval
  • Workplace skills plan development
  • Annual Training report


  • Improved Organisational Skills
  • Motivation through development
  • Supports High Performance culture
  • Ensures performance return on training investment
  • Manages Training Costs
  • SETA and BEE Compliance
  • Analysis of Expenditure
  • Individual and Departmental Course Records Available
  • Facilitates and simplifies training administration

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