Need Consulting Support to implement your talent management solution?

Aspiration has a network of highly skilled consultants that can provide the necessary expertise to re-design or implement processes that can be effectively managed using our Talent Management Software.

This is a unique approach to capability development developed by Talent Factor and utilising the Aspiration Capability module. Successfully deployed by companies such at SAB Miller, Engen and Distell, this process focuses on a strategy do drive up capability development and reduce development costs. Using a 6 point strategy, this process brings learning into the workplace, drives line ownership of development and utilises a unique dialogue approach to learning.

Performance Management Consulting

Aspiration performance management can be implemented by Talent Factor or another one of our valued Network Partners/Resellers. Utilising the Aspiration Performance module this process entails the development and migration of performance contracts onto the software platform, training of managers in performance management principles and the set up of a bi-annual formal review cycle. The process can be set up for internal company management of utilised on a fully outsourced basis.

Career & Succession Planning Consulting

The Aspiration Succession module requires that a process is set up to engage managers to conduct a career discussion and complete a potential review for key relevant employees on the system. Talent Factor or another one of our valued Network Partners/Resellers provides a full consultation service comprising of project planning, training, change management and communication. Clients can engage with our consultants to implement the process or an alternative is to use our fully outsourced Talent Management approach. We set the process up and maintain the information on the software and provide annual detailed reporting on your organisational talent.

Once off or annual 360 appraisal intervention

Talent Factor or another one of our valued Network Partners/Resellers is able to provide once off or annual 360 appraisal intervention utilising the Aspiration 360 Appraisal module. Each employee in the organisation can nominate other employees or external raters to provide feedback against company defined values and behaviours. The process then requires that these rating are completed by the agreed closing date and a full detailed report is provided to the client on completion.